Friday, November 13, 2009

What to do??

T. Please look at this wallhanging closely and help me make some decisions. For the border I made the flying geese and the two cornerstones (made from castoffs from the flying geese) with reds, golds, blacks, and light blues. Before I started cutting more pieces to fit between the flying birds (I didn't want to type g**se, again!) I remember that I had some units left over from the quilt I made when I went through your scraps...remember "My Fall Foliage Tour Through Terry's Scrap Bin"? As I was thinking about using just the reds in the border like the original showed I had an "add some purple & blue" moment. Remember when I was working on the Fall quilt and your beautiful and talented daughter A. said to add more color. I was reluctant but took her advice. I loved it and learned from it. It's what made me remember the leftover units I still had from this quilt. ( Why I can't remember that we need milk in the fridge and I can remember beyond me?)
I am not sure that the colors work or that it's "GOOD" enough..know what I mean? Let me know if you think I should use different fabric or different colors. Also, do I need some sort of very tiny light blue flange betwixt the blue middle and scrappy border. What color binding and does it matter with the scrappy border. Tell me, no really, tell me the truth so I can make changes if necessary. Thank you dear!!!

Much love!
Post-Comment: Do you think I need two more tufts of wool on the sheep near his ear?

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