Thursday, November 5, 2009

What a Mess!

Hopefully this disorder will be in order soon. Today I began to cut out a project that will be a gift for an exchange. I love working with wool. I will alter the pattern a bit by using fabric in the middle of the wallhanging instead of a large piece of wool. Mostly because I don't have a piece of wool that size but I rather the look of wool appliqued onto fabric. I only buy wool in smaller pieces and order large pieces if I need them. Most of what I do with wool are small projects so small pieces are all I need. I hope whoever picks my gift will like it. I don't have to finish it until December, but I am sure that I will finish it long before the due date.
I am also sharing a wool quilt that I made. T. made one very similar to this one. Actually when she told me she was making one I had to follow her like a little sister and make one, too. I love hers and maybe she will share a picture of it. Her colors are a little brighter and that makes for a better looking, clearer quilt. The crazy patches have appliques that we found from many different sources, some even original. We also gathered inspiration from a similar quilt that a friend was making. Hope you enjoy looking at it as much as I do.

'Til we meet again...


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  1. Ok! Did you change your mind about using the three girl/angels to make a tablerunner? I like the rooster and sheep thought! T


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