Tuesday, February 2, 2010

I finished getting the pieced border on today. Boy, I think I did more ripping than sewing. I had so much trouble figuring out what to do with the corners. I wanted to round the corner but the checkerboard design came out uneven. So I thought I would do strips but I didn't like the way it looked. Eventually I figured how to round the corner but not completely. I like it. I have to use a lint roller there is so much strings.

Close up of the bottom corner. See in looks like it is missing a corner 4 patch but if I had put one I would have had two dark colors right next to each other.

Picture of upper left corner. I like the checkerboard look but it was alot of work. I don't think I will do this too often. Now I need to decide on an outer border. Maybe green? What do you think? I'm liking it so far but it looks like a child's quilt not an adult quilt.

Til we meet again,