Friday, January 29, 2010

The idea we had on the phone (with the red using the front and the back) had to be scratched. The red April picked up was the backing for another quilt. One of the babies in need quilts. It was pieced together and everything. Oh well, we auditioned other fabrics. I dug into the Rag Quilt bin and found these. The first two pictures show a small red border and a very light pink with small dots. You can see it better in the second picture.

These two pictures have the brighter pink next to the small red border and April put some two inch squares on top to get the idea of four patches. What do you think. The pink is a small stripe. I have two yards of this fabric and I think it is my favorite so far. But there will be another border after this and it will be at least 6 inches wide. So we will have to find another color for that. Maybe a darker blue or a medium blue or a green? What do you think.

Til we meet again,
Here is what I have so far-quick look away-it may blind you. It is very a flourescent looking blue. It didn't look that bright when I was cutting it and trying it out on the board but it is. I am not redoing it.

I'm not finished sewing the sashing but I wanted to show you so far. The purple on the left is what I'm thinking of using with the 4-patch pieced border. It may be too dark. What do you think?

Til we meet again,

Thursday, January 28, 2010

This is what I worked on today. Some old log cabin blocks I started a long time ago. I have 30 blocks. The blocks measure 6 inches finished. They don't look like regular log cabin blocks because I didn't follow the usual light and dark diagonal design. Which now presents a problem, sort of. I think I want to put sashing because the blocks are small and I want to make at least a lap size out of this. And I will also put some borders on it. I'm thinking of using the left over strips and making a pieced border. Not sure what yet but that will come later. Now I need to decide a color for the sashing. The blocks are very busy and the centers are all the same red fabric. I'm not sure what color would pull all of this together and I know that it is hard to decide with a picture instead of in person but HELP! What would you think? What color would you use? I'm thinking of making the sashing 2 or 2-1/2 inches wide and maybe using the same fabric as the sashing to place my border blocks in as if they were floating in this fabric.

I may make some four patch blocks or piano key or sawtooth. I'm not sure yet but I want to use up all the extra strips.

Here are two close ups of the blocks so you could get a better idea of the fabrics I used. They are very bright and scrappy and busy. I don't think a beige or tan color would look good. It would have to be a bright like the rest of the fabrics just not a busy one. Maybe even a solid or something that comes off as a solid. What do you think?

I'm glad to be done with these blocks. They have been hanging around at least 5 years or more. When I started them I had someone in mind for the quilt and this person is an adult. I still would like to give it to them but it has to be at least lap size.
Til we meet again,

Friday, January 15, 2010

Pillows, Rug & Shams, Oh My!

I made a few pillows today after we got off the phone. I needed to cover a "recently acquired" pillow form to go with two smaller pillows I made a few years ago. You will recognize them from the needlepunch that I did while in Houston years ago. I used some different colors in the new one but tried to match the other two without being so obvious. I used some pieces of scraps and bits from my box of orphans. The light green fabric is what I used on the back of the new pillow. It's nothing special but better than "the original".

The other picture is of a sham and throw pillow that will go on my bed. I had a left over block from my bed quilt and used it for the pillow. The fabric on the front of the sham is leftover from the borders of the quilt. The back is the same light color in the quilt. I wanted something really simple to go behind the throw pillow. It only took me about an hour to make them both. Now that's my kind of craft! I also got some new pillow cases which are cream, khaki and chocolate brown. I will look for two store bought pillows to go on each side...maybe something in a silk. I love that look of the silk and the patchwork together.

I included a picture of my new rug and the pillow I told you about. I have since put that pillow back in the store bag along with the receipt. You may not be able to tell from the photo but it is too bright. I will be patient and shop for something that looks better.

I included a picture of my rug. I don't know if the pictures does it any justice.

Pillows for my living room sofa are my next project. I will also begin an online search for chair covers and ottoman covers. Wish me luck!

'Til We Meet Again,
Here is the bag I was working on today. It was easy to put together and fast! It is a Child's Activity Bag. I got the pattern from Moda Bake Shop. Designer Melissa Stramel. I had a slight problem with the fabric amounts. The pattern says you need 1/2 yard of coordinating fabric for the lining and extra pieces. I had a piece that was 18x43 inches. Should have been enough to cut out all the extra pieces but it wasn't. I emailed the designer and she emailed me back and suggested I cut the handles out smaller and I did and it worked out fine. She said Moda must have sent her a piece that was bigger than a half yard . I appreciate the quick response from Melissa. Anyway, this is the front of the bag. I put some crayons in the pockets and a color book inside.

This is the coordinating fabric I used for the lining, outside pocket and handles. I love this bag. So cute!

This is the back side of the bag. It has a large outside pocket to put fun stuff in.

I love looking at and using crayons. I know some lucky child is going to have a blast with this bag.

Close up of the crayons. Just because, did I mention

Here is the big button I used. The pattern called for a magnetic closure but I didn't have that. I do have lots of buttons so I made a loop and put a big ole' button on there. I think it works fine. This button measures 1-1/4". Big!

I will be making more of these bags to donate to a help center in our area. I think any child would love their own bag to put stuff in. Don't you? I know I would not mind one for myself. HA!
Til we meet again,