Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Another gift!

This is what I made this afternoon. A quick gift. I am going to a cousin's house tomorrow for Thanksgiving and she does so much work to get all the food ready for everyone so I thought about giving her a little gift. I made this dishrag and potholder. It took me about 3 hrs to make both. It makes a very nice gift. V this is something you can do if you are interested in quick gifts. OH, I almost forgot. These are made with 100% cotton, Sugar N Cream brand. I like to use a light color so they can be washed in the washing with other white clothes or dishtowels.

Have a great day!


  1. It's a groovy idea. What took you three hours would take me twenty. You are so thoughtful. Hope you day was splendid. Mine was splendid times ten. Still no machine but I will find something productive to do even if it is doing a whole lotta nothing!

  2. I really like how those dishrags feel. I would like to make some too, but I would need to get that cotton stuff. All I have is regular yarn!!


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