Tuesday, November 24, 2009


This is the sweater shawl that I'm working on right now. The pictures don't do the yarn color justice. It is much prettier in person. You can see the buttonhole I made last night. It only has one and then you put three large buttons on the other side when it is finished and you button it in the one you want for the look you want. I had to change the pattern up a little bit. The bottom was rolling and the sides were rolling so I did two knit rows before I started on the pattern to keep the bottom from rolling (it still rolls some but it is much better than before, I guess I should have done four rows of knitting and it would have been more stable). Then I did a k1,p1 on the ends to keep the edges from rolling. It is working so far. I am anxious to finish it and see the end product. I also have to go shopping for large buttons (2-1/4").

This is a scarf that I started last week and it is using all the leftover sockyarn I have with some Fishermans Wool. You knit with the two strands together. You see how the bottom and sides roll? That is what the one above was doing. I don't like it. So, I ripped this out this morning. I will be changing the pattern too. Just like I did on the one above. I love the colors in this. I think that I will also use a bigger needle. It was a little stiff because the Fisherman's wool is a little bulky. Overall I think I will like this one. I love the pattern of all the colors of yarn. It is almost like a scrap patchwork quilt!

Knitting is all I have felt like doing lately. I have binding to make for a Christmas gift quilt I made but I'm putting it off for a little while. I'm just enjoying the process of knitting.
Have a great day!

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