Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Autumn Table Topper Done!

I really enjoyed this project. It went together quickly but more importantly I enjoyed the colors. Yes, the hues are down and dirty but they are my favorite. I love this time of year and I think that reflects my love of these colors.

Of course I did not quilt it like the pattern. It was quilted on the diagonal across all 100 little squares. I thought it was too much quilting both for the size of the project and the feel of homespuns. The border has no quilting at all so I didn't want to cram a lot of quilting in the middle of such a small area. I stitched a large "X" across the whole middle. After I finished I realized it looked a little like a barn door and I thought it was appropriate for the piece.

The close-ups (hopefully you can see them close up) are of the embroidery and the label I attached to the back. T. can tell you that I am a little obsessed over labels. I love them, both the fabric and the sticky kind.

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