Sunday, March 4, 2012

Easy Like Sunday Mornin'

I slept until 9:45am. Nine forty-five!! It was glorious. I feel incredible! Sleep. Such a natural thing, yet it doesn't happen naturally for me.

Having a great day. The weather is beautiful. Scotty and the boys are working outside. That means that I got to dip out and do some shopping. It was nice to go alone for a change. I got so much done without the distractions.

In the quiet of the trip home from shopping, I was thinking about that little quilt I am working on without the borders. All your talkin' 'bout piano key borders Friday gave me the envie to make them for this little quilt. Also, I will delve into my scraps!

What do you think about piano key borders? Any other ideas?

Have a Super Sunday!

Next on the agenda:
1) Baste, quilt and bind the "Lavender" sashed quilt. Ha!
2) Get started on Cameron's quilt.
3) Make foundation pieces for string quilt. This is for my imaginary Saturdays that I will get to go to Sew Bee It. Hopefully, soon!


  1. I think piano key border is great! My only suggestion would be to put a narrow border between the edge of the quilt and the piano key border for seperation. Can't wait to see your progress. So glad you finally got to rest.

  2. I haven't even touched this quilt again. It may go on the back burner for a little while. I will put a border or two before the piano key. Thanks for the input!


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