Thursday, March 15, 2012

Goat's Milk Soap! Yeah!

Today we made soap! But not just any soap. Goat's Milk Soap! I was afraid. Very afraid to try this. I have a friend who used to make soap all the time and sell it but she was never successful with making goat's milk soap so I figured if she couldn't do it than I shouldn't even try it. BUT, I'm trying to cut out all the "Should not's" in my life or at least some of them so herewe went. My daughter was here to help. I bought goat's milk in a can because I have no source for fresh raw milk.

Half the batch I left with no scent so I could maybe make hand milled soap with it later or incase there are some that can't have fragrance, like my grandson. In the other half I added Ylang Ylang and vanilla. Love those two together. Hope it smells good because the goat's milk didn't smell too good while mixing together. This was expected according to the sources on the internet.

Used a hand blender to bring it to trace. That's when it thickens up and gets like pudding.

This is half the batch. I'm stirring in the essential oils.

This is half poured into one mold. This one is not scented. Sorry didn't get a picture of the second mold. I will take more pics when I unmold it and cut it up. It wasn't as hard as I thought and I WILL MAKE THIS AGAIN! So glad I did it.

Til we meet again,


  1. WOW! I want some! I used to make soap when we were in KY and I finally found someone with goats and was able to get fresh milk. It was wonderful soap! Too bad we didn't try to get you some milk when you were here. You know how many goats there are around this area.

  2. Judy, I am surprised at how good it came out. I'm already thinking about the next batch.

  3. Hold the presses! That's it. Just put the goat's milk on the stove, add essential oils, emulsify, pour in mold? That seems too easy. I guess I am thinking of the one that you add lye to. This looks like something even I can do. Is that a silicone baking dish? Really, I've gotta try this!

  4. No, girl! There is lye in there! That's why I'm wearing gloves. It is made just like regular lye soap but you use the goat's milk in place of some of the water in the recipe. The goat's milk just has to be added to the oils instead of the lye because the lye solution gets so hot that it can burn the milk and make very brown or black soap that stinks. Whenever you have a free day (ha) I will have you come over and help me make a batch for you to keep.

  5. I was wondering why you had the gloves on. Should have realized that.
    You just made me realize why I buy Goat's Milk Soap already made. Besides, I have a year or more worth of soap now that I put the hotel soaps to use. We will be one, clean, happy family!


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