Saturday, March 10, 2012

Ugly as Homemade Soap

I now understand that saying. You will too when you see some of these soap bars. Your soap making inspired me, T. Well, you legitimately make soap. I do not. I just melt small bars and make bigger ones. Does that count?

Here are all the hotel soaps that we ground and turned into bigger bars. Much. Bigger. Bars. You can see that Scotty's method worked much quicker than the old-fashioned way. We had all the soaps ground to a dust in about 10 minutes. Next time we will do this outside as there was white dust everywhere. Our sinuses were going crazy! I thought for sure he would break the blender but he didn't. His method was better for sure!

The second batch is prettier, I mean less ugly. We smoothed out the second batch after we poured it into the dish. We didn't even bother with the first batch. I think we were so excited it was actually working.

I am sure we broke all the rules of soap melting, but it worked. And that's what counts. It's ugly soap, but it will do its job. I was gonna trash all those little bars anyway. What did I have to lose?

You are the real deal my friend. I can only walk in your shadow! Thanks for the inspiration!

Au revoir,


  1. Ugly or not it will serve its purpose! haha

  2. Girl, you got me beat on this one. I was not successful with this kind of handmilled soap. That's why we made the soap balls. Didn't have to melt it on the stove. I love how your soap looks and I'm glad you were able to use up all the hotel soap. I hope you like bathing with the finished product. Scotty had a great idea! I would never have tried that. Learned something new.


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