Friday, January 15, 2010

Pillows, Rug & Shams, Oh My!

I made a few pillows today after we got off the phone. I needed to cover a "recently acquired" pillow form to go with two smaller pillows I made a few years ago. You will recognize them from the needlepunch that I did while in Houston years ago. I used some different colors in the new one but tried to match the other two without being so obvious. I used some pieces of scraps and bits from my box of orphans. The light green fabric is what I used on the back of the new pillow. It's nothing special but better than "the original".

The other picture is of a sham and throw pillow that will go on my bed. I had a left over block from my bed quilt and used it for the pillow. The fabric on the front of the sham is leftover from the borders of the quilt. The back is the same light color in the quilt. I wanted something really simple to go behind the throw pillow. It only took me about an hour to make them both. Now that's my kind of craft! I also got some new pillow cases which are cream, khaki and chocolate brown. I will look for two store bought pillows to go on each side...maybe something in a silk. I love that look of the silk and the patchwork together.

I included a picture of my new rug and the pillow I told you about. I have since put that pillow back in the store bag along with the receipt. You may not be able to tell from the photo but it is too bright. I will be patient and shop for something that looks better.

I included a picture of my rug. I don't know if the pictures does it any justice.

Pillows for my living room sofa are my next project. I will also begin an online search for chair covers and ottoman covers. Wish me luck!

'Til We Meet Again,


  1. Love all the pillows and your new rug. Can't wait to see it all in person as I know the pictures don't do it justice. You were very creative in your pillow making. I do recognize the needle punch. Glad you found a use for them. T

  2. ness u make the best stuff wow.


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