Thursday, December 17, 2009

Batiks & The UL Quilt

I found the sashing for Wil's grad quilt. It is a black batik, but looks more blackish-blue. I pointed it out to the lady @ the quilt shop and she said that it was black. I don't know if you can see if from the picture posted. I was more than happy with it as I thought plain black would be boring. This one will be perfect because the quilt is blue & gold. I tried out some browns like I had talked to you about, but they seemed a little too muddy (no pun intended).

You can see that I found some fabric for the inset triangles on the UL quilt. I loved it on the bolt and really love it with the finished squares. I can't wait to work on it, but will probably save it away so I will have something to sew when I got to SBI meetings.

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  1. Oh My! That batik quilt will be beautiful! Wil is going to love it! I love it! I graduated from high school, don't I get a graduation quilt? Oh wait, the statute of limitations has probably run out on that one. Considering it was 27 years ago! Darn! I love the fabric for the side triangles on the UL quilt. It was a perfect choice. Looks to me like you have some things to keep you busy in the new year. Terry


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