Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Happy, Happy

Happy! Happy, to have finished this quilt. Last night I hand basted the binding, washed it and threw it on the bed! Done! Not a beauty, but a utility quilt. That's fine with me.

I am almost done with this spare room. There was no way I could keep this room empty as it would be too depressing. Glad to have an extra bed and my desk to be tucked away instead of in the hub of the house. My plan is to get the boys graduation and wedding pictures up and make a collage on the wall with them all.

My promise to myself was to finish this room so I could finish my closet. Well, we have most of it done. Except for my shoes. They are still all over the floor. I've never counted how many pairs I have but it's safe to say that I have well over 50. I need to find bins to put them in categories but the thought of shopping for the right size, color and shape gives me hives right now. NOT IN THE SHOPPING MOOD. So, when it hits me I'll take care of it. And that's a (new) promise! I have to get my pictures picked out and framed so I have to add that to the shopping list. That's for a future manic moment, I guess! ;]



  1. It looks very much like you. It feels so good to finish a project. Glad you are done. Speaking of shopping, we are headed out today to shop for Spa night this weekend. Wish you could be with us. We will have a blast!

  2. I know you ladies will have a great time. Sorry to miss it!


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