Tuesday, April 10, 2012

THIS means THAT!

Halleluia! Because I finished THIS, I get to work on THAT!

You can see by this stack that I am done for now with customer quilts. Now I can work on Cameron's quilt. I need to get it done in the next few weeks. I don't mind a deadline. I work better under pressure. I play around too much if I have time to spare (see previous post).

And you would think I would have some spare time because I am posting. I do not! See what I mean?!?



  1. Glad your work is done so you can play! Can't wait to see Cam's quilt done! It will be beautiful.

  2. Me too! I still have a lot of work on it but it's easy work. In the pattern, one of the borders is pieced. If I have time I will do it, if not....well, you know. I've all but thrown away the directions since I can't even cut without having brain cramps!


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