Saturday, October 31, 2009

Barnyard BBQ quilt finished!

I finished a small crib size quilt during the week. I used a pre-printed panel and added a 1" and a 3" border to add a little interest. I quilted it using a meander stitch with a variegated blue thread. I don't use pre-printed panels very often, but I should keep a few on hand so that I can put together a baby quilt if I need one in a jiffy. This quilt went together so quickly that I don't know why I even piece a quilt when I can buy fabric that looks like a quilt. Go figure! I will use this quilt in a Sew & Sell in November hosted by a bee that I belong to.

In one of the pictures you may be able to see that I added a small (1/2") flange before I put the binding on. I felt like the solid yellow binding was boring and needed a little flare. The little splash of green was just what it needed. You will also notice that this picture is upside down. How did I do that? I don't know. All I know is that my brain is flipped inside out trying to figure out how to post.

Much love!

Post comment: This morning when I woke up I started looking on ebay for some cute panels. I thought I would put my idea of keeping panels on hand into action. The only problem is that the Barnyard BBQ panel was supposed to be for a quilt I needed to make in a jiffy. My purpose for using the panel in the first place was because it was just "sitting on a shelf". Never fear. I am back on track and my new mission today is to continue to use up the things I already have in my stash instead of obtaining more.

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